Strengthened local livelihood security, preservation and promotion of indigenous knowledge, conservation of local biodiversity, empowerment of women, and enhanced local coping and...


Encourages and empowers local community members and officials in securing rights to their lands, in managing and developing their land and natural resources, and...


Empowers vulnerable communities to advocate for the good governance of water resources with a particular focus on protecting the Salween River...


Develop and provide environmental education services and materials to increase the environmental awareness of children, youth, community members, and leaders...


Supports and participates in numerous networks both inside and outside Burma, advocating to defend human rights and protect the environment through lobbying, public events and demonstrations, and...

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Identifying high value areas and species, demarcating wildlife sanctuaries, training & mobilizing support for forest stewards, and conducting integrated research...

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Current needs

DSC00244Volunteer with KESAN - We are seeking volunteers passionate about environment, human rights, and social justice in Burma. Please share widely with your networks and apply at if you're interested. For more detail, please click here!

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Latest publications

Damming the Salween River, Damaging our ethnic identity

This environmental magazine provides information on the Burma/Myanmar government's current plans to build large dams in ethnic areas along the Salween River. It raises the fears and concerns of local people living in ..

KESAN in Action

"Empowering communities, securing the peace, protecting environment, lands and livelihoods"

This document aims to provide readers with an overview of KESAN’s programs - their strategies, target groups and ....

Fish species in Ler Wah Kho Der Village, Luthaw Towship, Mutraw District, Karen State

This is an outcome of the women lead fish research done on one of the River in Luthaw Township, Mutraw District, called "Kaw Mu Loh River." 


Establishment of Community Forest Manual Guide (Karen language)

This Community forest manual guideline aims to give greater encouragement to the communities to understand how to establish community forest and submit to the forestry department in order ..

Kawtholei Forestry Acts Version:Burmese

The forestry act (Burmese vision) aims to educate indigenous and local communities to gain greater control of, and access to, natural resources that are significant to livelihood security ..

KNU's land policy Version:Burmese

This KNU Land Policy handbook aims to educate communities and farmers about their rights and responsibilities under the KNU’s Land Policy and about potential solutions for protecting ....