Hydro-power dam campaign

Hydro-power dam campaign

KESAN works with a number of partners to advocate against large-scale dams and...

Traditional medicine and healing

Traditional medicine and healing

Traditionally rural Karen communities in Eastern Burma use herbal medicine...

Food security

Food security

In Karen State around half of Internally Displaced Person (IDP)* children are estimated...

Indigenous Knowledge and biodiversity Research

Indigenous Knowledge and biodiversity Research

{jcomments off}KESAN is the first ethnic environment group on the border to conduct...

Community forest

Community forest

"Forest survive, Karen won't hunger" Community Forests are an important tool for...

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People perspective on economic growth

This Karen language magazine provides readers with information and insights into topics including dams on the Salween River, planned Special Economic Zones in Burma/Myanmar, the Asia Highway passing through Karen ....

Six Salween Dams

The pamphlet provides information about the six mega dams currently planned on the Salween River in Burma/Myanmar. The information includes the location of the dam, the investor and possible effects. 

The suffering of local people due to climate change

The theme of this issue of Thuleikawwei magazine is the suffering of local people due to s climate change; the magazine also looks at the hunger for energy by Thailand, hydro-power projects, mining developments, and ....


Establishment of Community Forest Manual Guide (Karen language)

This Community forest manual guideline aims to give greater encouragement to the communities to understand how to establish community forest and submit to the forestry department in order ..

Kawtholei Forestry Acts Version:Burmese

The forestry act (Burmese vision) aims to educate indigenous and local communities to gain greater control of, and access to, natural resources that are significant to livelihood security ..

KNU's land policy Version:Burmese

This KNU Land Policy handbook aims to educate communities and farmers about their rights and responsibilities under the KNU’s Land Policy and about potential solutions for protecting ....

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